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Travel to Austin or Houston Texas, Today!

Every avid traveler knows that the best way to learn is through the experience that comes with travel. Being in new places exposes one to a whole new culture and at times a whole new world. Travelling gives you an opportunity to learn about the place you visit far better than any classroom would teach you. It is also pleasantly fun. In this regard, if you want to learn about Houston, Texas, why not plan a trip there.

If you are finding it hard to figure out whether it is a good destination here are some incentives. Herein are only but a few things that should make you want to visit Houston, Texas the home of NASA and probably the home of space travel.

Tantalizing Cuisines

If food is a reflection of culture, then Houston or Austin Texas is one of the most diverse cities in the world. There is everything from all corners of the world regarding food. From the popular Texas-sized Fajitas, duck sausage, grilled quails to great tasting oysters sourced from the Gulf, you can be sure that your tongue and your stomach with thank you for the visit. In addition to the native cuisines, you can grab one of the great cuisines from around the world that you have always wanted to taste. The variety is there; it is you to decide what to eat!

High Art & Escorts

If you are a lover of art, you will appreciate that Austin Escorts  is home to beautiful thought provoking art and women. A trip to Austin will give you an over-the-moon experience with regards to art. With a plethora of museums, there is so much to discover. Some of the most notable places to see art include the Contemporary Museum, Menil Collection, The Museum of Fine Arts, the Houston Museum of Natural Science, Rothko Chapel, and many other places.

Excellent Entertainment

A great trip is characterized by some excellent entertainment. There is so much to experience regarding entertainment while in Houston. For instance, Houston’s theatre district is only second to New York’s. The Houston Grand Opera is a source of thrilling entertainment. The Escorts in Austin are one of the highest rated operations in the United States, I definitely recommend giving them a visit, if you’re interested in that.

If you are more of sports entertainment lover, Houston is home to the Rockets, Texans, Astors and the Dynamo. You can rest assured a thrilling game will come by soon. For more information, visit this Blogspot.

The nightlife is also amazing. There are many spots to have a memorable night out with friends and or family. From dance parties to laid-back bars, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

Great People

The people of Houston are invaluable in making your visit memorable. Known to be warm and welcoming, you will feel at home right from the onset of your stay. Additionally, with about 90 languages spoken in Houston, you might pick a word or two of foreign languages.

If the above offerings of Houston have not incentivized you well enough, how about the thrill of visiting Johnson Space Center!

A visit to this buzzing city will show you just how beautiful it is. It will be easier to understand why the fourth largest city in the U.S is the best city to start your career and live in. Make plans to visit Houston now!

The Best History Of Austin Texas?

The history of Austin Texas is truly quite remarkable. Austin is the state capital of Texas and it is the 2nd largest state capital after Phoenix, Arizona. Almost 200 years ago pioneers started to settle along the Colorado River in central Austin. The state capital was moved from Houston in 1839 after a vice president visited the area during one of his famous buffalo hunting expeditions. The name was originally Waterloo but was soon changed to Austin in honor of the “Father of Texas”, Stephen F Austin. Stephen F Austin was the Republic of Texas’ first secretary of state.

Austin continued to grow during the 19th century and became the center for education and government. During this time, the University of Texas and the Texas State Capitol were constructed. The Great Depression brought a standstill to city growth but it soon revitalized, and development began to turn Austin into a major city by the 1980s. During this time, Austin became the Center for business and technology.

There are a number of prominent Fortune 500 companies who have their regional offices or headquarters in Austin. Some of these firms include Google, Intel, IBM, Cisco, eBay, Texas Instruments, 3M, Apple Incorporated, Oracle Corporation, Whole Foods Market, and Advanced Micro Devices. A suburb of Austin called Round Rock is a home for Dell’s worldwide headquarters.

Austinites are the name used for the residents of Austin, and they include a diverse mixture of university faculty, government employees law enforcement, political staffers, domestic college students, foreign college students, high-tech workers, musicians, blue-collar workers, and businessmen. The unofficial slogan of Austin is The Live Music Capital of the World which is a reference to many of the live music venues that occur during the year. The PBS TV concert series Austin City Limits has been a long-running event.

During the 1800s the city of Austin became known as the City of the Violet Crown. This was in reference to the violet glow of color that ran across the hillside after sunset in the wintertime. The term “Violet Crown” is still used by many Austin businesses. Austin has a strict no smoking policy and the city is known for its clean air. The no smoking policy applies to all public buildings and places including bars and restaurants.

The Tonkawa tribe of Native Americans inhabited the area when the first settlers arrived from Europe. The Lipan Apaches and Comanches were also known to travel at times through the area. After the independence from Mexico there were many new settlements established in central Texas. During this period growth was slow because of the various conflicts with regional Native Americans.

Texas fought and won their independence from Mexico in 1835 – 1836. At this point of time Texas became its independent country with its own monetary system, Congress, and President. Austin was selected as a state capital because it was in a convenient location that intersected the trade routes between Galveston Bay and Santa Fe. It also intersected the route between the Red River and northern Mexico.

The Best Places To Visit For Austin Nightlife?

When you are looking for the ultimate in nightlife in Austin, do not be afraid to venture past the bars and clubs. Drive-in movies, karaoke, bowling and poetry nights are just a few of the ways that you can enjoy a night out in this popular Texas town. You can be sure that you will find an activity suitable for everyone.

The Alamo Drafthouse- The Ritz

The Alamo Drafthouse was founded in 1997 by Tim League. It started off as a one screen movie theatre venue that offered plenty of alcohol, food and attitude. There are now over 5 locations throughout Austin, but The Ritz location is considered to be the most popular. One reason for this is because this venue is located in 1929 historic theatre that is situated on the infamous 6th street.

The management is very famous for threatening to kick patrons out if they talk or text during the movie. The Drafthouses also boast unique and inventive programming. Some of this programming includes:

• Terror Tuesday
• Girlie Night
• Action Pack

So enjoy a movie and a beer, but remember to stay quiet during the movie.

Dart Bowl

One step into the Dart Bowl and you will be met by the familiar scent of a bowling alley, but with the added décor and aroma of a greasy spoon cuisine. Fast service and affordable entertainment make the Dart Bowl the perfect location for those who do not have long attention spans.

Try your hand at laser tag between your bowling games in the Mission Impossible like laser room. Afterwards, you can enjoy chili cheese fries and some enchiladas. Although the food cannot be compared to what you would find in a 5 star restaurant, customers say it is pretty good.

Cap City Comedy Club

If you are looking for high-quality comedy, look no further than Cap City. On any given night, you may find a local comedian on stage or a traveling comedy tour. The comedy club hosts mic nights and “Marc Bearden’s Punch Show” has been deemed a weekly favorite among patrons.

The exterior of the building is reminiscent of a shopping mall, but waiting inside is plenty of laughs, chicken wings and drinks. You should reserve table seats, and try not to stand out unless you want to be included in a comedian’s act.

Peter Pan Mini Golf Course

It is difficult not to miss the giant T-Rex and Peter Pan statues on the property. These statues have helped to make this golf course a popular destination and landmark since 1946. It is an appropriate venue for a family fun day as well as date night. The staff is very considerate, and you do not have to worry about being pressured to complete your game quickly.

If you find that, beer can help improve your swing, no problem. The Peter Pan Mini Golf Course is a favorite BYOB establishment in Austin. On the weekends, it closes at midnight, so you can spend a significant portion of your evening there if you choose.

There are some of the hotspots that you should check out if you are interested in Austin’s nightlife. You will never be at a loss to find something fun and unique to do.